Mobile Apps

How can a Mobile App help my business?

Be in touch with your customers wherever they are. Mobile Applications enable business visibility that exceeds the Internet, Print and TV and puts your business directly in the hands of your customers 24/7. Your customers will no longer need to search the Internet in order to locate you. With an Application, they will have all of your information in the palms of their hands, literally.

You wouldn’t dream of conducting a business without a professionally built web site. In these modern times, Apps are quickly becoming the “New Company Web Site,” accessible to consumers that are not sitting in front of a computer. Statistics dictate that consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices than on personal computers.

Apps from globeflash INTERNET have numerous features, functions and are very affordable. A company App and can drive new and recurrent business faster than any other platform. Our Apps include Push Notifications, QR Code Scanners, Inventory search, Appointment requests, FREE one-on-one chat, one-touch calling, directions to your business, and more.


push2Businesses that send Push Notifications get results. The “killer” App of mobile Apps, Push Notifications are full-color images with information about services and events, launches, grand openings, announcements, and more.

Push Notifications never get stuck in spam folders. Notifications appear on customers’ phones like text messages, and the viewing rate – unlike emails – is nearly 100%.

loyaltyOur loyalty cards (available for the iPhone) are like punch cards but paperless. Customers frequently lose and forget punch cards – but they rarely leave home without their mobile phones. No hassle. globeflash’s loyalty card is based on QR Code Scanning and it’s really easy to use.
scanWith an App-embedded VIN Scanner, your customers can send you details of vehicles they want to sell, trade in, or get serviced. The VIN Scanner automatically shows the model, make & year of their vehicle(s). It is able to scan, record & send information about multiple vehicles so customers can easily reach you — and you can respond quickly and efficiently to your customers. Available in all iPhone Apps (will be available soon for Android).
chatOffer customers the convenience of communicating with you via a FREE text service, embedded in all Platinum Apps. One-on-one chat helps customers reach out to you – and helps you reach back. Build loyalty through accessibility and superior customer service.
searchInventory and Property searches are among the most sought-after features of car dealerships, realtors and retailers. According to Chrome Systems, a leader in automotive data, almost 25% of consumers with smart phones and Internet-enabled tablets are using their mobile devices to shop for cars.
apptApp-based appointment scheduling provides an easy way for customers to send you appointment requests directly from their phones. It’s a great feature for small businesses like hair salons, dentists, personal trainers, dealerships, medical clinics, restaurants and more.
qrQR Codes are today’s shortcuts to information. globeflash provides embedded QR Code Scanners in all new iPhone and iPad Apps. They’re a convenience for your customers and a coup for you, the business owner. Generate QR Codes for merchandise throughout your store. By using the App-embedded scanner, your customers will arrive at product information with just one click. They’ll have easy access to your videos and other promotional materials. With a QR Code Scanner, they’ll have the info you want them to know right in the palm of their hand.
analRound out your Mobile Marketing Strategy with a Flurry Analytics Package. Track your App’s downloads and usage patterns for a one-time charge of $99.99
directionsHelp customers find you. GPS-enabled driving directions show customers the turn-by-turn way to your door from wherever they are.

One-touch calling

Be instantly accessible. One-touch calling enables customers with your App to contact you with one click – no scrolling through address books and contact lists. No searching the Internet for your number. One-Touch Calling keeps you in the palm of their hands (and on their mobile home screen).

social99globeflash Apps feature links to your social networking sites, thereby providing a truly integrated marketing platform, which makes interaction with customers easier, more immediate and more effective.