Search Engine Optimization

Search engine marketing is by far the single most important way to drive traffic to your website. Over 73% of all Internet surfers use the top search engines to locate sites of interest. Most sites within the first 5 result pages are the pages that will recieve the most traffic.

globeflash specializes in driving traffic to your website using the latest techniques and technologies to rank your site closest to the top tier search results.

The Search engine essentials

Keyword Research – Identify the top “keywords” that the client’s target market is searching for on the Internet. Target these top “keywords” for consultant’s search engine placement process. We utilize for the most accurate research on search volume for your top keywords.

Analysis – Full analysis of the current site. Approximately 50 items are considered, analyzed and tested for search engine readiness to determine all items that should be done in the optimization process and make recommendations on needed adjustments. Work out any design / navigational / structural issues that may be detrimental to the Client’s site ranking.

On Page Search Engine Optimization – Aid in the design and implementation of search engine ready, keyword optimized titles, descriptions and keyword tags. Edit page headings based on keyword phrases. Incorporate keyword phrases further within existing text. Change navigation menu to incorporate text links. The important on page search engine optimization points are:

Meta Tag Optimization – Full analysis of the current site versus market. Meta tags include the description as well as important keywords relatde to your industry as well as keywords most used by Internet searches related to your industry.

HTML and code optimization – Full analysis and optimization of the current sites code, eg; H1, H2, and paragraph keypoints and optimal wording

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (Link Building) – Link popularity will continue to be an essential factor in top search engine rankings for the foreseeable future. We have developed a solid game plan to build link popularity for your website that will solve the link popularity puzzle and will raise your search engine rankings.

Monitoring – Monitor ranking and indexing. Provide Client with monthly reports detailing ranking improvements on the targeted keywords and also tracking increases in traffic.

Maintenance – Make monthly adjustments to the previous efforts, as needed. The search engines are ever evolving, continued adjustments to previous search engine optimization techniques will continue to be necessary to stay a step ahead of your competition.